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Our Story

Our kittens Kinder, Chess & Minty We are an 'animal-mad' family with our own cats, horses, guinea pig, hamster and a friendly old Labrador called Suzi who looked after our new kittens (see pic of Minty, Kinder & Chess on the left) when mum needed a break! Every time we went on holidays I found it hard to find a cattery that we really liked (although my fave was Cathys Cattery in Ashford if you ever need one down Wicklow direction). For years. friends asked me to mind their pets when they went away.. So I set up my own cattery to provide a really personal service to both clients and furry visitors alike! My goal was to create a home from home experience for your cats, providing small extras that make a huge difference, like TV, Classical Music,exercising each cat 3 times a day and tucking them in with a little treat of ham or chicken at night. The result is a lot of very happy relaxed cats - and clients!!  

Our Accommodation

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Based in Stepaside in the Dublin Mountains near Johnny Foxes Pub, our house is set in a tranquil country garden with lots of wildlife from pheasants to a family of deer who are frequent visitors. It is the perfect setting for your cat to relax and unwind with lots of love and affection along the way !

We have a wide selection of spacious multi-level chalets, each of which has a window  overlooking our quiet country garden, including large chalets that can house up to 3/4 cats from the same household with seperate sleeping & feeding areas if required.                                        

Our Standards

Our Cattery is designed to FAB UK standards (Feline Advisory Bureau)  and IBKCA (Irish Boarding Kennels & Cattery Association) audited and approved ensuring that our rooms are spacious yet cosy and most importantly of all safe from harm, or cross-contamination. Anti germ glass barriers between chalets ensure the highest standards of health & hygiene, and our daily wash down protocol ensures a spotless hygenic environment,

We operate a Zero Tolerance policy No Vacination Cert - No Entry! This might sound harsh but to protect your cats, our other clients cats, and indeed your families from infection or disease, no cattery should or will allow cats without annual vacinations and worm/flea doses. Cats do not share toys, bowls, beds, blankets or scraching posts all of which are boiled or steam cleaned between visits

Our Vets

In the unlikely event that your cat requires medical attention while in our care, you can rest assured that we have a full medical history on your booking form and vacination cert, and work with leading partner vets that provide us with the highest standard of veterinary care 


Our local partner vet is Martin O'Toole from Village Vets Sandyford 2 minutes away from the cattery, who has been wonderful to our clients & their cats over the years when needed (thankfully rare!) So a big thanks to Martin, Kim and all the team at Lambs Cross from us!



Our other partner vet is Eamonn Moore Blackrock Vet  another leading veterinary surgeon in South Dublin. Eaman came to check our standards (which we always welcome feedback on) before referring his clients to us... And In true Eaman style was so generous with his time, advice and support and sends many clients to us with very gnerous references. So a big thanks to Eaman, Janet & all the team at Blackrock Vets!



For Cattery Bookings or Daily Home-visit Service contact Jo : INFO@STEPASIDECATTERY.IE OR CALL/TEXT 089 7027790

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